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Emails will soon require a postage stamp

Emails to require postage stamps
In a move seen as profiteering by many open web groups such as the W3C and the Open Web Foundation, all emails will soon require an electronic postage stamp in order to be sent. The stamps will be available worldwide and can be bought in packs of six from Post Office websites, once purchased they can be dragged and...

Kanye tells the cinema to rewind the movie because he needed a bathroom break

Kanye West sad face
Troubled star Kanye West has enraged movie goers at a late-night showing of The Flintstones Movie - Viva Rock Vegas in a movie theatre in downtown Las Vegas. According to eye witnesses, Kanye stood up and loudly demanded that the projectionist pause while he uses the restroom.Unfortunately Kanye ended up missing a crucial middle segment of the movie after the...

Tom Hanks barred from flying after appearing in too many disaster movies

Tom Hanks as Sully
Tom Hanks has been barred from all US Domestic Airlines after many passengers raised fears that his very presence will cause a mechanical failure, hijacking or even a crash. Mr Hanks, star of Apollo 13, Sully, Captain Phillips and Cast Away was escorted off a flight from New York to Los Angeles after a number of other passengers started...

Supercomputer works out “Brexit means Biscuit”

Brexit means Biscuit
The world's most powerful supercomputer was tasked with calculating the actual answer to the question which has been baffling Britain and the rest of the world for months, what does Brexit actually mean?After three days of calculations the 93 petaflop Sunway TaihuLight at the National Supercomputing Centre in Wuxi, China came back with the answer "Brexit means Biscuit"...

Ministry of Sound to be given full ministerial powers Government confirms

ministry of sound image
In a bid to become more "down with the kids" the Government has bowed to public pressure in the wake of Fabric-gate and made The Ministry of Sound a full Government Ministry. The new Ministry of Sound will have similar powers to the Ministry of Defence and will be based in Whitehall on the site of Horse Guard's Parade,...

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