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Matt Damon doesn’t want to be rescued and would rather just be left alone

Matt Damon needs to be rescued again
Matt Damon has famously been rescued in movies such as Saving Private Ryan, Courage Under Fire, Interstellar, The Martian and Titan A.E. The Hollywood A-lister has stated to the media that he is sick of being rescued and next time he is left stranded somewhere to just leave him.It was recently worked out that over $900 billion has...

The words “Flange” and “Moist” removed from Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary Removing "Flange" and "Moist"
After much public outcry the words "Flange" and "Moist" have been removed from the most recent edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.It's not all good news for the prudish Middle Classes however, many other cringe worthy words narrowly escaped the chop including, Curd, Squirt and Smear. It is thought however that with enough public support these and many other...

Donald Trump plans change the US flag to orange, white and blue to avoid clashing with his skin tone.

Donald Trump smiling away
Due to a large number of upcoming photoshoots and television interviews which are likely to show the star-spangled banner in many backgrounds, President Trump has enacted a bill to get the famous flag’s colour changed. Trump is famously very self-conscious when it comes to style and fashion and plans to change the US flag to orange, white and blue...

Michael Gove revealled to be Rick Moranis’ twin brother

Rich Moranis, the much loved Hollywood actor from the 80s and early 90s has spoken out about learning that he has a twin brother, the UK politician Michael Gove. The brothers were raised on different sides of the Atlantic after being separated at birth during a tragic mishap and a llama derby and only reconnected in the early 2000s...

Benedict Cumberbatch legally changes name to Benadryl Bandersnatch

After years of confusion and a plethora of jokes that crossed the line, Benedict Cumberbatch star of Sherlock, Dr. Strange and an awkward advert for Jaguar, has legally changed his name to the more conventional Benadryl Bandersnatch. After a series of press reports that weren't properly spell checked, enough was apparently enough for the beleaguered actor who it's...

Harambe declared saint by Pope Francis at Vatican

Harambe who was shot dead in 2016 has been proclaimed a saint by Pope Francis in a ceremony at the Vatican. Pope Francis said "Harambe died for our sins, he protected the weak and was struck down while protecting a child, I can think of no greater individual who is more deserving of being canonised"Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims...

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