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Ocean Research Vessel to be renamed Boaty McBoatface because “it’s the will of the people”

Boaty McBoatface - The WIll of the People
The Ocean Research Vessel, RRS Sir David Attenborough is to be re-named RRS Boaty McBoatface, a ship name which originally won the #NameOurShip online poll. After heated debate on both sides, Democracy and the will of the people has prevailed and the ship is now to be re-Christened the RRS Boaty McBoatface.She was originally launched as RRS Sir...

Harambeism is now officially the fastest growing religion in the World

Harambe Looking Thoughtful
Harambeism is now officially the fastest growing religion in the World with 6 million followers and an expected 200 million more within the next 5 years. The new religion has grown rapidly over the past year and is based on the life and death of Harambe the gorilla who was controversially killed in Cincinnati zoo in 2016 while...

Major cities pass law to ensure all Toyota Prius cars are operated by Uber

Toyota Prius - Mandatory Uber
The US, UK and Canada have passed laws to ensure that all Toyota Prius cars driven in their cities are operated by Uber and can be used by Uber customers. The rising demand for Uber and the public perception that all Toyota Prius cars are Ubers has forced the cities to act quickly and pass legislation.Any Prius owner...

Ministry of Magic to be made into full Government Ministry

Ministtry of magic
Following on from the Ministry of Sound, the entirely fictional Ministry of Magic has now too been given full Governmental powers. The Government in its continuing push to try and connect with a younger audience has once again relented to public pressure, on this occasion a YouGov poll amassing some 150,000 signatures from Harry Potter fans was enough to...

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