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Donald Trump practices writing his As

Donald Trump practicing his As
The White House Press Secretary has confirmed that every time Donald trump is seen signing an official document he is in fact practicing writing his As. It was revealed that Mr Trump mastered cursive last year and sees official documents as a great way to practice his hand writing.Given his new position as President of the United States...

Penne officially better than Fusilli

Penne better than Fusilli in every way
Pasta lovers everywhere can rejoice as Penne has finally been proved better than its rival Fusilli. At the Annual Pasta Convention in Rome, Italy, an international panel of judges and pasta experts unanimously agreed that there was no point in Fusilli and it has only survived this long because pretentious people keep serving it at dinner parties.Arrabiata lover Steve...

Keith Richards’ blood to be active ingredient in L’Oréal anti-aging serum

Keith Richards – Because he's worth it
Keith Richards' who's guitar licks and imperviousness to the effects of death have made him a global phenomenon has teamed up with L'Oréal to create a brand new Anti-aging serum.The Anti-aging serum will be the first product in a line of cosmetics simply be called "Keith" and it is due to go on sale to the general public...

Jaden Smith achieves “transcendence of reality”

Jaden Smith transcends reality
Jaden Smith, famous for his spiritual musings and son of Hollywood actor and musician Will Smith has disappeared in an inexplicable event at Central Park, New York City. Several of Jaden's followers were present and described the phenomenon where he appeared to literally transform into pure light as his "transcendence of reality".Chad White was in the park and saw...

Netflix have trademarked term “Chill”

Netflix and Chill
Media giant Netflix have moved to protect their intellectual property and stated that any company using the phrase "chill" without prefixing it with "Netflix and", will now be in violation of Netflix's trademark and may be liable for an unlimited fine and prosecution.The move has had a devastating impact on the frozen food industry who up until now have...

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