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Leaving EU means leaving the Eurovision Song Contest

Leaving the EU means leaving the Eurovision Song Contest
The UK Government has been very clear that leaving the EU via a "Hard Brexit" will have ramifications for other agreements that Britain is a part of, this includes the Common Market, Customs Union and more importantly the Eurovision Song Contest.Despite being on the other side of the world, Australia is now a part of the Eurovision Song Contest...

The Pacific Ocean to be renamed The Specific Ocean

The Specific Ocean
The International Convention of Oceanographers recently met in Kyoto, Japan and voted strongly in favour for The Pacific Ocean to be renamed The Specific Ocean. After years of controversy, awkwardness and mispronunciations at dinner parties, it was decided that The Pacific Ocean should be renamed The Specific Ocean. All books, maps and Television shows are to be retroactively amended,...

Cristiano Ronaldo apologises for winning football

Christiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo has apologised via Twitter after pressure from fans, bookies and the press for winning absolutely every football honour available. He has been accused of taking the fun out of football by making every match a foregone conclusion. The Portuguese international and Real Madrid striker is thought to now own more gold than the US Stock Exchange, primarily...

Slipping on black ice now considered a hate crime

In an effort to curb the rise in racially motivated crimes in the wake of Brexit, the Government is enforcing a new law which will now mean that slipping on black ice is now considered a hate crime. The expected move is likely to be the first of many new laws which will clamp down on anything that contains...

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