Leaving the EU means leaving the Eurovision Song Contest
Leaving the EU means leaving the Eurovision Song Contest

The UK Government has been very clear that leaving the EU via a “Hard Brexit” will have ramifications for other agreements that Britain is a part of, this includes the Common Market, Customs Union and more importantly the Eurovision Song Contest.

Despite being on the other side of the world, Australia is now a part of the Eurovision Song Contest and was welcomed with open arms. Many European nations have commented that Australia feels more European than the UK these days and is welcome to remain part of the exclusive club.

Gary Carey a Government Spokesman from the Ministry of Culture gave a statement following the announcement: “It’s not all bad news, we have setup a committee to establish a UK Song Contest. Gone are the Eurovision Song Contest days of political voting; with just the home nations taking part we will create the fairest possible competition for all of the UK.”

Bookmaker William Hill has already predicted that England will never receive a single vote and as such will not be running any bets on the event.