Rich Moranis, the much loved Hollywood actor from the 80s and early 90s has spoken out about learning that he has a twin brother, the UK politician Michael Gove. The brothers were raised on different sides of the Atlantic after being separated at birth during a tragic mishap and a llama derby and only reconnected in the early 2000s through a lucky encounter on Chat Roulette.

One of the fundamental principles of genetics states that in any given set of twins there will always be a good twin and always be an evil twin. There are numerous ways to test which is the good twin and which is the evil one, but the way most experts agree is the most accurate is through a Buzzfeed test. In this instance Michael Gove has been revealed to be the evil twin and Rick Moranis the good twin.

Dr Ania Patel, a geneticist who performed the tests commented on the results: “As unsurprising as this is to many people, genetics is a complex subject and stringent Buzzfeed tests need to be conducted to determine good from evil.”

Whether or not Gove and Moranis can forge a new life as brothers is unknown at this stage, however many believe this is the first step in uniting the often disparate world of UK Politics and comedy.