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Leaving EU means leaving the Eurovision Song Contest

Leaving the EU means leaving the Eurovision Song Contest
The UK Government has been very clear that leaving the EU via a "Hard Brexit" will have ramifications for other agreements that Britain is a part of, this includes the Common Market, Customs Union and more importantly the Eurovision Song Contest.Despite being on the other side of the world, Australia is now a part of the Eurovision Song Contest...

Supercomputer works out “Brexit means Biscuit”

Brexit means Biscuit
The world's most powerful supercomputer was tasked with calculating the actual answer to the question which has been baffling Britain and the rest of the world for months, what does Brexit actually mean?After three days of calculations the 93 petaflop Sunway TaihuLight at the National Supercomputing Centre in Wuxi, China came back with the answer "Brexit means Biscuit"...

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